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some one hacked my bros account on gta 5 help please? Answered

hello fellow community some donkey hacked my bros account and i know who they are and were he lives. he is a willy which smells of rotten grass because my bro can not log in and play gta 5 what shold i do any help please the hackers name is masterjosh. if you know how could i hack him back or hack his pc or anything



2 years ago

A single account that got hacked means only two things:
a) the password was far too easy
b) someone else knows the password

If you want it fixed properly tell your brother to start over and use proper passwords this time.
Noone here will give you advise on childish revenge acts ;)


2 years ago

A few things.

1) This really isn't the place for this question. Your bro needs to take this up directly with Rockstar Support.

2) "Hacking" him in retaliation is still illegal and could get you in trouble, especially since you're openly talking about wanting to do it.

3) How do you know who this is? I suspect there was 0 hacking involved here and instead this guy somehow learned the password or your brother told it to him so he could try it out and then he changed the password. There is no way some kid hacked Rockstar and somehow managed to find your bro's specific account and password.

4) When you take this up with Support you can't write an angry, insult filled post like this one. If you aren't respectful and mature then no one will be willing to put much effort into helping you.

5) Your brother should change any passwords on other accounts that matched the one on his GTA account and to be safe he should change the one on his email as well since that is how password changes are verified. Speaking of which...

6) If the "hacker" hasn't changed the password to your brothers Social Club (Rockstar) account then you guys can just log in, change it and your done, the account is secure again. If he did change it (or the default email attached to the account) then your brother will have received an email confirming the change which should have a link to click if you weren't the one to make the change. If he can't find this email then you should still be able to try to log in and just click the "I Forgot My Password" button. This will email you a link to reset your password which in turn will lock out the "Hacker".