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some one is asking for me to give credit on my instructable what do i do? Answered

he said that he made it before me on an old account but i dont believe him what do i do? its on my shotgun shells for slingshots



Best Answer 8 years ago

ignore it, its not your problem, if he harasses you you flag him. its no big deal...

I added a comment to the 'ible that should solve the situation.


8 years ago

Did he send a link to his instructable? Is yours better than his? There is no requirement to reference other people's work, especially when his was (likely) released for free and with no requirement to give credit.

Check what out? You haven't provided a link to either your I'ble or the other person's. Frollard's suggestion is a reasonable one. If this other person doesn't actually have their alleged I'ble on the site, then let them know that, and otherwise ignore the claim. If they actually become abusive or harassing (i.e, you aren't merely pissed off), thne send a PM to I'bles Staff and ask them (politely!) to assist you.

If they gave you the idea or contributed, then give them a mention. It never hurts in your ible to say 'there are lots of on here, such as this, this, or this' (include links) 'but I think mine is better because it ' it's not a popularity contest - it's about sharing ideas. Again - if you happen to have the same idea as someone else, its not a crime and the 'copy police' aren't coming to get you.

ye but he said its posted on an old account so i think hes lying