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some ones going to have to explain this Answered

hey so far from the understanding i have of furry is its people dressing up and doing each other in animal suits im not trying to affend anyone  just curiosity pushed me to ask and here it from ...a group of furry's im positive theres more to it ;p please get bck to me

and excuse my spelling .....to much msn



8 years ago

thank u that helped me out alot;p


8 years ago

 The understanding that you have it unfortunately is what most people think of it. While certain people within the fandom do do things like that they make up for a minority.
You are correct. There is more to it. It would be nearly impossible to post a good comment giving you the whole thing in a nut shell on this comment page so I will provide you some links that give a good idea of what it is.
The two summarize it pretty well and can be recognized as credible sources. You could Google it but it would provide mixed results. If you have any other burst of curiosity after this feel free to message me.