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some pointers on getting Hunter-Douglas Duette blind back together? Answered

The problem: I pulled the cord that drops the blind from the top and it dropped ... like a rock. Now it will not go back up. It popped the plug that secures the 'top down' control cord and the cord pulled all the way into the top rail. No problem getting the cords all back in place. My problem (today) is getting the top rail assembly all back together. I'm close but can't seem to get that last couple of inches into place. See pics.



Best Answer 9 years ago

We can certainly help you out. I am the Director of Operations for our Sacramento facility. Here is my office number 916-453-1212 x 452258. Give me a call and we will get our repair manager on the line with us and get this all squared away for you.

Oh, hey, no problems with this one. Hunter Douglas is a great company. Just give them a (toll free!) call and they will help you out! (800) 789-0331 Cheers!

. If you can post some (links to) pics/drawings of how it's supposed to work and fit together, I bet somebody can help you figure it out. . I'm guessing there is a rod/pin that needs to fit in a "receptacle." Try slowly operating the mechanism while trying to slide the pieces together. May take more than two hands.