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some projects for old tires, Answered

Could someone come up with some things to use old tires for? I have loads of them.


you can build a house or shed out of them. HTey are called Earthships. it is really cool you pack them with dirt andstager them and when you get the hight you want you pour cement on the outside and they are awsome for keeping in the Heat or Cool. Here is a site I found that had Ideas. http://www.greenhomebuilding.com/earthship.htm



9 years ago

Potatoes don't really grow from seeds, but thecookiemonsters suggestion is right on track. For detailed instructions on how to grow 100 pounds of potatoes in 4 square feet check out:


if you have 3 you can grow potatoes in them!!! you need some potato seeds and soil. you just plant the seeds in the bottom tire then wait until the shoots come up then add the next tire full with just soil and then do the same again for the next tire!!!

Chop them up for mulch or playground chips.


9 years ago

Make and sell tire swings. Sell them to people with boats as bumpers. Melt them and make them into molds. See if there is a recycling facility around that pays ( or not ) . Make them into furniture. Sell or give them to a bumpercar track, you would have the most luck with this one, and they might pay!