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someone, need help with batch code? Answered

ok. i have been experimenting with batch code ms dos thingies on my new windows seven computer... i have found a lot of tutorials but they are either too basic or too complicated, links?



What're you trying to do? What've you done so far? Which bit can't you work out? What previous programming experience do you have?

i have no experience... i basically know how to write things and use go to commands. that is it. and that is all the other instructables tell me. or they go into super computer programming and i dont know where to start.
i looked there and had no idea...
i need a link to something bit more amatuer...

**Not trying to blow my own trumpet**

I have a good* instructable here on the topic of batch coding. It covers from basic to adept topics. It's a good place to start at least.

I recommend you read this before going over to dostips**.

*The adjective "good" describes the apparent views of the raters of my instructable. It currently sits on four stars, and I have made the assumption that it can be labelled "good".

**The reason for that statement is that dostips has extremely complicated codes, which, if you are not already educated in advanced codes, will be useless to you.


That is how I got to where I am now. That, and when you are done with youtube, move onto dostips.com, then search all over hte internet.