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sound chair Answered

how much and how hard would it be to build a sound chair like the syramat s2000


. According to Macworld,:
"The S2000 features two three-inch full-range speakers beneath some fancy grey covers that glow blue when the power is on. And in the back of the seat, right in the small of your back, a 5.5-inch subwoofer pounds bass straight into your spine."
. By the time you build a decent padded chair and buy the speakers (and amp?), $120 sounds pretty reasonable.

the amp doesnt have to be very strong, bc with the bass right in your back you feel it even down next to no volume and the speakers right next to your ears also only have to be right down at like next to nothing. just sayin that you still hear these and they sound awesome at like next to no volume

You could use a set of computer speakers and there's a chair in IKEA that could be used as a frame shape for this... I have been considering the speakerfication of my chair in my room, but it's an office chair...

Mine's an office chair too, but I might have a go at modifying the back of it with a sub for some deep bass vibes.

sounds cool to me, i would have never thought to put speakers in an office chair

I bought a "gaming rocker", and after about a month I ripped it apart to get the speakers. But you could buy an old surround sound kit at a yard sale for like, 20 bucks. For the frame, all you would need is plywood (10-15 bucks) Foam Padding and fabric for the cover (not sure, maybe another 15?) My guess, between 45 and 50 bucks, depending on what you have and what deals you can find.

Get the electronics from a garage sale and make them fit in one of these. You could build a wooden frame, and upholster it. I think you could build one for less than buying one. Remember, the reason these make money is because they cost less to make than they cost at the store.

You can make one out of cardboard, and for sound you can make your own sounds with your mouth... Moooo..... buda buda buda vroooooooooooom