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sound emitter Answered

i need to know how to make a circuit the will emit sound with levels as high pitched as a dog whistle i been looking around but i can't seem to find one which allows you to control the frequency along with the pitch and tone i'd appreciate any advice and or help on this along with any information leading to any good instructables on here that fit the discryption thank you to every who gives the feed


Find out what a dog whistle run at, the frequency in cycles per second, I think it should be in the ultrasonic range.
Find an audio tone generator that can reproduce that sound.
See if normal audio speakers can reproduce that sound, if not, then you have to figure out how ultrasonic transducers work.
At that high a frequency, I don't think there are perceivable musical qualities of pitch and tone. That may be the reason you only find circuits specifically to output a dog whistle, unless you want to talk to the animals. Good luck.

it doesn't exactly have to be as high as a dog whistle but i do need something that can at least generate high tones everything i see on here so far only emits things in song or patterns

lol no i have a way to transmit the sound i just cant find a good engough circuit to combine with the sound system i have to transmit with