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sound is "jittery."? Answered

whenever i watch videos or listen to music the sound and image freezes then jumps for a split second, every 4 or 5 seconds.... do i need a new card of somesort or what because it gets irritating


Processor speed? OS? qty installed memory? it could be several things. without any other information...Sounds a bit like a swap problem, indicating the need for more memory. (when the required application memory exceeds the physical memory of a system., the computer uses harddrive space as "virtual memory, which often causes performance "glitches". but that is a blind guess. need mo info.

Yes, based on the two answers you've provided as followup, you are experiencing a swap issue.. That is, your system is moving some of the information onto and off of the harddrive because you do not have enough physical memory ans so your performance becomes jittery.

The only viable solution is to increase your physical memory.

It could be a heat issue, but probably there is a program running which is demanding a lot of resources while you're trying to watch the video. Use Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up Task Manager if you're on Windows. The CPU column in the processes tab shows you how much CPU time different processes are using. Also, try closing out and restarting your browser if it's been running for a while.

i did that, there are a bunch of programs running behind the curtain and they are all taking up mem. i dont have a clue what to do since they all come back up when i cancel them. should i get any hardware upgrades?

Did this start recently? Perhaps after updates, etc? It sounds to me like you might have a codec problem, reinstalling your preferred codecs (or codec pack) might solve the problem. You could also try installing VLC media player and see if you don't have jittery audio/video there, VLC succeeds when most other software fails.