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speaker connection for an MP3 player Answered

My friend has asked me to make something so he can connect his stereo speakers into his MP3 player.They are speakers that have the black and red wires that you put into the back of the stereo, no plugs or anything and i already know what im going to make but im just not sure on the soldering points. I'm going to get a hobby box cut a hole in the front of it and put in a board of four speaker plugs then solder all of those to a cable that can plug into his MP3 player. Should i just solder all the black cables together and all he red cables together inside the box then connect them to the red and black cable to the MP3 player? The photos are the speaker plugs in going to use and a crappy MS paint picture of what im talking about


Sadly that won't work without an amp of some kind, he could use the original stereo and either solder in a line in connector to the board or he could get a tape converter, the speakers wouldn't go and the amp in the mp3 would blow...

yeah, after a few seconds thinking about it and after posting this it struck me that id need a power supply for the speakers,a different volume knob and the amp. He doesnt know anything about electronics at all so he asked me to do it and i bet his stereo even has an mp3 player input anyway. Oh well sorry for posting, it turns out all i needed to do was think about it and see all the holes in both of our plans

Well there's a tonne of amps on the site, you could setup a twin amp circuit (really two mono amps) really easily and it wouldn't be too complicated, just a case of figuring how much power etc. you need and are they 4 ohm or 8ohm speakers...

HM alright not bad, but first I think I'm gonna have a look at his stereo just to make sure I'm not doing all of this for nothing. Plus I don't even know if id be able to do it, i don't have the greatest knowledge of electronics ive only made like 15 kits and their just the easy ones that have the instructions with it, i cant take any electronics classes anymore andI don't think id go to tafe or uni in electronics seeing as how all circuitry is don't by computers now

well the one about making a line in connection to his stereo is pretty straightforward

Yeah i might look up that one and do a bit of reasearch

the soldering isn't too complicated either and if you use a tape input then you don't have to worry about ruining the stereo, theres another one for car stereos too...

I think the tape would be the best way to go, save me from breaking his shite