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speaker drivers Answered

I'm looking for speaker drivers within 40mm-50mm and a full range frequency response of about 0-25khz But! i cant find any manufacturers within the uk at a cheap price or decent frequency range btw its for a headphone project im working on :D All help greatly appreciated (:


. 0-25K Hz from a single driver? Good luck finding those at any price. . 30-12K Hz? Should be able to find something decent at most electronics suppliers or audio parts stores.

Ditto. Even high-end full range drivers won't deliver a range like that. And only 5cm across? You'll never get below 60Hz, if that!

Im guessing you have tried maplins? If not try electromusic in doncaster.

Donny? You live in that area? L

Not really, but its within an hours travelling distance.

Hmm, at a guess: Grantham? L

Manchester / Greater Manchester? L

Not that much, anyway I've had three guesses. L

I would buy a cheap headphone and take those speakers. I personally like the sennheiser brand. A sennheiser HD440 goes for less than 20 euros at ebay around here (less with a broken cable wich you probably don't need anyways) and has excellent sound. The speakers inside are not soldered or glued in, you can remove the cable since they have plugs and take the speakers out without destroying the headphone shell or the speakers.

Could you hack an old "personal cassette/CD player" perhaps? L