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spraypainting a servo Answered

does anyone here have any advise on how to best spraypaint a servo or if it can even be done without causing damage to the servo. thanks


The best option would be to take the case off the servo and spray-paint that (several light coats, let it dry between coats). If dismantling isn't an option, just mask off the parts you don't want painted. Use masking tape (doh!), paper, modelling clay, whatever fits around the parts to mask without gumming up the works.

. Petroleum jelly (Vasoline™) makes a decent mask and it shouldn't affect the servo if it gets into the works.

and dont spray too much - itll soak under the masks and get there. better do some partial coats and not 1 full

why do you want to paint it? just paint it with a sharpie!

well its not just the servo, its an rc robot and its not all flat

you could use acrylic paints then you have a higher chance of getting paint where it needs to go

If you do decide to take it apart, a tip. Not all servos are put together with machine screws, I've taken apart some which used VERY coarse screws, they almost looked like drill bits. So if you're having trouble unscrewing, apply just barely enough pressure to seat the screw driver and turn slowly.

. What kind of servo? A picture would help.