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spring airgun Answered

Has anyone ever made a spring airgun? like an airsoft gun made from home made items. because pnumatic guns are too simple (some are very good though) but it gets anoying pumping in between shots so has anyone either made a multi shot pnumatic gun (not fully auto matic) or a spring airgun that needs to be cocked ever shot


this punmatic air gun i made last month it have 5 air tanks and you pressurize the whole thing and close the tank valves.and fire them off at different times !! i use it as a paintball RPG when i play with my freinds! i pressure it at 140 psi and it shoots paintball out of a 3/4in PVC pipe (the whole gun uses 3/4in PVC) . it dominates if it hits it hurts like crap!! and its super accurate!! '

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its 4 feet long with the sniper barrel if you make a instructable on it make sure you give me the credit for the idea !! '