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squirrel trap? Answered

ive got squirrels, and they keep on hiding mushrooms all around the hitch area of my 5th wheel camper. ive tossed the mushrooms, but the squirrels just bring them back. i already tried the simple box, stick, string & bait, but that didn't work. the squirrels were too smart for that. i dont want to resort to killing the squirrels, and detering them didn't work. can someone help me build a trap so i can relocate these little buggers?


Does it have to be a trap? There's always the fox-urine or mothballs approach -- make the area smell dangerous so the tree-rats don't think this is a good place to be. Or you might be able to close off the hitch area so there isn't an attractive place to cache the mushrooms -- duct tape, perhaps.

You're sure the shrooms are being carried in rather than growing in place, right?

mothballs arent working and i dont want to use fox urine. the shrooms are definitely being brought. they are inside the hitch, and on top of the propane tanks. i want to trap them so i can take them far, far away.

Check with your local authorities; relocating wildlife is not always something the general public is allowed to do. Besides, if you evict this one or two that does nothing to keep some other tree-rat from discovering the same storage location. Making it unattractive to them, chemically or mechanically, really is likely to be the best answer.

maybe i will have to find one of those pest squealers. (the thingies that emit a high frequency whine that pests apparently hate) im going to take the laptop up to the lake witha webcam and a ir flashlight so i can see when the squirrel comes.

The ultrasonic critter repellers don't seem to have a great history of actually working, from what I've heard. May depend on how motivated the pests are. I know they annoy me briefly, until I tune them out...

buy one from wal-mart, Academy, etc.

Look for dead squirrels on the road, when you find one, tie it to a string and hang it nearby the mushrooms. The squirrels will realize that it's better not to come back...

google figure 4 trap