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star wars battlefront 2 trainors/hacks? Answered

does anyone know of any trainors and/or hacks that i could use


I couldn't help but reply, I was looking for something along the lines of BF2 hacks and whatnot, but anyway: Miiwii3, you are probably describing formatting your hard drive. That will erase ALL personal data, but keep the OS files required to start the machine. There are also several ways to back up data, move it, etc. but if you just want to wipe it - that would be the way.


9 years ago

Please stop posting the same question over and over again. The community will see your question, and if anyone knows any answers, they would answer. Multiple postings will just be seen as spam, and will annoy others....

ok dude, i just did it to make sure it wasnt overlooked. and a trainor/hack is different than a mod.

Ok... i see hack and mod as being close synonyms... and the question wont be overlooked when there was 2 copys of it on the front page (at least at the time of the question being posted). It furthers the confusion, because answers would not be seen on one post... I have no problem if you had posted a question and then waited a week or two before reposting, but when a question is posted several times in a short span, it just looks wierd... like when you see people on craigslist put the same ad up every hour...

ok yea yea yea. i guess they r close. mod means to completly change somthing and hack is just a big cheat. by any chance do u know how to delete all the data off a computer except the main data?