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steampunk minifogger problem? Answered

Okay, I'm working on a steampunk Project, and It would greatly benefit me to have a Tiny fog machine to make a small exhaust stack billow smoke.  I have come across similar questions asked, and I have no real desire to go to the hobby shop in the city to buy an overpriced steam generator.  I have a Small hot glue gun that sufficiently reaches the heat needed to make the Glycerin into the fog, it's apeture is wide enough for the tubing I would want to run throughto fit, so my big concern here is that  I need to take it and make it Portable. Ideally run off of a 9volt, or maybe a few AAAs.  what is the safest way to do that, I really don't want to cause a dangerous short in the prop I am designing, as it is worn close to the body.



6 years ago

I think you may have to haul around a lot of batteries to pull this off.

I did a similar effect a while back using a 2 liter bottle with a balloon attached, and a piece of surgical tubing inserted in the side of thebottle directing the smoke. (hidden on my back) I pinched the tubing and allowed the baloon to fill and straightened the tubing when I wanted smoke. Adding a led 'backlight' where the smoke came out helped with its visibility. Cheese, but it worked pretty well.

I think I saw Pizo electric smoke generator last year in our seasonal Halloween shop. Not sure if it's battery powered or not but might be worth a look.

You might also take a look at HO train smoke generators that you could probably get to run off batteries. http://www.amazon.com/Model-Power-Smoke-Generator-MDP11/dp/B0006O1YA0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1345773615&sr=8-2&keywords=smoke+generator

Do be careful that the smoke doesn't accumulate in a mask. Can be dangerous.

Best of luck, and let us know what worked!