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stirling engine Answered

this is just my burning question for anyone who has mad skills in engineering. how do I build a small stirling engine generator for home use to run off a non-combustion heat source ie solar panels?


I saw this instructable once. You might want to upsize it and use somthing like a washing machine engine for a generator. INSTRUCTABLES


7 years ago

I could. But the only problem is that where can i find the right piston and cylinder.

If you can get a Sterling engine to go fast enough any car alternator can generate the electricity.  Just use a DC to AC Inverter to create AC Power.  That's what they do for Solar Panels and with Generation plants on Cruising Boats.


9 years ago

like classic_traveller_diehard I am also thinking of a homemade engine with an appreciable power output. I wondered about converting something like a honda generator but it's maybe not practical?

Well, back in that webring there was a converted horizontal shaft gasoline motor, like you'd find in a generator. You can check that out, see what RPMs you could expect with how much heat, that'll indicate if it can drive the generator head fast enough. Then comes HP, you can drive generator heads with less HP than indicated and just not get the full maximum output, provided there's at least enough to turn it over and at a decent speed.

Solar panels not easily but you can use a frensel lens page magnifyer

ditto i want to see a Stirling engine plan that is more than just a toy

Then go check out the webring. I can't remember which of the sites offhand, I was browsing several, but there were plans there meant to be done without fancy equipment using local materials, for third-world applications. You should find something in that 'ring that can do work without needing machining.

Someone else has to nicely rub his "magic lamp." Then they get three wishes.

However, Barbara Eden he is not. I didn't see usable plans for download.

Well, here's 32 sites about Sterling engines and other heat types, a WebRing, some with examples that could get some good power generation, that could do other work, plus ideas and plans. Like a circular mall, the webring is designed for wandering, see links at the bottom of the pages.

Have fun!