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strong clock mech.. Answered

hi, im building a clock for my AS level design and technology course. one of my ideas is to have a clock mechansism in the base, hidden, and have a gear system turning the hands above it. below is a small and very undetailed picture i came up with just now. tp show you. what i need is to find a very strong clock mechanism. one that will have enough power to drive the gears. if anyone can help me with finding one i would very much appreciate your help.


You could just one set of gears if you use a reverse clock movement instead and have the vertical shaft connected directly to it. The mechanism would then lie flat on the ground for a smaller base and there's one less section to worry about.

Find a clock shop ;) They'll be more rare nowadays - but you might have one hiding in your town :P If you can't go that route -- try http://www.klockit.com/ . I've ordered (a reverse clock movement) from their catalogue and would recommend them ;) They also have a forum on their website - I think you'll get a more direct response that way.... Do tell us what you find though.

I think that will look really cool -- get some nice shiny bevel gears :P

Maybe build your own and do a lot of math with the motor RPM and gear ratios?

sorry for posting twice!