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strongest and most accuracy k'nex sniper? Answered

what is the most strongest and most accuracy k'nex sniper?
I like barret 50 cal. but i don't find any instructions in here


 Well there are a lot of different k'nex snipers, with different mechs.
the most Powerful k'nex sniper is the Untangle (also known as the 'not a rectangle'). its new mechanism allows it to put on a maximum of 15 64 bands, unleashing a range of rougly 450+ ft. be warned though, the one item which is not on the parts list are Iron fingers.
heres the link for the Untangle http://knexinnovation.net/showthread.php?852-The-untangle
450+ ft, is hard to beleive, but there are numerous videos on youtube proving the range. I have built it, so I can say its all true. hope you like the answer.


gorkems sniper rifle is the most powerful

Rec0n's barret is something that I think you'll like.

If you're looking for a knex sniper, going to the replicas department isn't a good idea.  Slingshots are always a good choice for sniping, but if you like pulling a pin back like a real bolt action, and compactness, go for the Untangle.  It doesn't get the ranges of a slingshot, but it goes FAR.


8 years ago

try the sipriani rifle, its very powerful and accurate!