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student arrested for camera tazer... are dangerous instructables acceptable? Answered

Well, a 14 year old boy in Connecticuit was arrest for modifing a disposable camera into a tazer, making it into a weapon. Well you may have noticed that instuctables shows multiply how to's on this very weapon. My question is, should dangerous and illegal instructables be tollerated on this site? I think anything that dangerous, or illegal should be taken off the site even though they are just for "informational purposes". I'm not saying that it is instructables or any authors of those instructions fault, but i think that there have to be more guild lines for what is acceptable.

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I don't think it's Instructables' responsibility what people do with their free time and free will. You can read the information on this site but no one is forcing you to make or do anything. I believe that the culture that Instructables is based around (the DIY community, hackers, gamers, geeks, etc.) is by nature, rebelious. So to remove "illegal" instructables would slightly detract from the spirit of the website. But that's just my take on the whole thing. Random side note: The high school I went to (actually, the San Diego City School district) blocks Instructables. When you try to access a blocked site it gives you the reason. The reason for Instructables was "Extremist, militarist..." plus a few other keywords I forgot.

Why? Do you have no idea of constitutional rights? The idea of the first amendment is free speech. The government cannot censor the content of the thing being published. The state should have no legal authority over what people post. However, instructables may censor things if it wants to, being a private website. But I feel that it would be against the point of the website. It is to explore how to build homemade objects. Whether they may be legal or not, they should be kept. Also, how is a "taser" illegal? Tasers generally don't require licenses to own anyway.

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hmmmm... i think that if dangerous or illegal ibles were taken off, a good chunk of ibles will be gone...but thats just my opinion.

One why would he take it to school and 2 he knew the risk

The only thing that I would say about making a taser is that you NEED to shock yourself with a full blast. That usually will instill some knowledge of how it feels to be tazed.

I agree! I shocked my self with 300 volts DC and it hurt like hell.

Hey the cops here have to be Tazed and Pepper sprayed as part of the training, So they know what it feels like.... (( Typically they are not shot with probes, they just get clipped on, but they get the shocking for five seconds ))

The kid wouldn't have been arrested if the cops hadn't seen it. Bottom line: if he's not responsible enough to use it properly, it's his own fault. These kind of instructables should stay up so that they can be used properly by responsible people.

i'm talking dangerous like a weapon, something only to hurt others, like the tazer. I have nothing againt the dangerous to yourself stuff, its the things that can only hurt other people. if the thing werent dangerous than there wouldnt be a point to instructables

. Weapons don't hurt/kill people, people hurt/kill people. It sounds rather trite, nowadays, but it's true. . Should we cut off everyones' fingers so they can't strangle others? Ban cars? Can I not fertilize my yard with ammonium nitrate, just because some ppl can make a bomb out of it? &c;, &c;, ad nauseum.

i concur , no weapon has ever killed a person , it is the person operating the weapon that decides to hurt or kill a person.

. ROFLMAO Removing all the iBles that are/can be dangerous will get rid of about half of them (maybe more). Include the iBles that require dangerous tools and/or components and we're left with maybe two. Just about everything can be dangerous in the wrong hands; with the proper application, just about anything can be useful.

That's just sad, an item the student may have been congratulated on manufacturing but a decade or so before, condemns him today.

Crap, Bottle Rockets, and swords fall into dangerous category...

Don't forget doing anything at the beach. Sand can blind you know *nods knowingly* :-)

Getting caught looking at the wrong scenery when the wife is nearby can cause head trauma too LOL

yes but they create macro headaches :-)

Only if your hitched : )
thinks of only good thing about being single

Hmm, just wait until you are "going steady" or what ever they are calling it nowadays LOL

wife: what are you looking at!!! the topless girl??!!! guy: no, the car wife: oh yeah? so describe the car guy: its blue and topless!! wife: no, it was red and hard-top. THAT GIRL, ON THE OTHER HAND... guy: i wasn't- wife: *delivers smack to back of guy's head*

I was having a similar problem until I discovered sunglasses. LoL ;)

Erm going through all my ibles from the first: - water bottle gun - may put grandads eye out - Beer can USB hub - sharp can edges, use of knife or scissors and beer - How to draw - Pencils are very sharp... - Lighter USB drive - Taking lighters apart, cutting the gas tank, saws, hot glue - How to rip dvds - just illegal if someone start selling - Foam apple USB drive - needs a very sharp knife/scalpel + hot glue - Flash drive savers - contains several several problems - How to talk to an ex - Possibly the deadliest instructable here - How to build your own website - what if they break copyright law - Beer bottle usb lamp - beer, glass bottles, electrocution hazards, USB doom - Fixing jet lighters - They might sniff butane or burn themselves - How to polish your shoes like an absolute psycho - So wrong + Big drill - Drawing instustrial pipeworks in photoshop - RSI a real danger - A few handy tool tricks - Knives, pliers, general misuse of tools - A bit of safe cracking - Everything from metal in eyes to stealing - Sellotape where sellotape's due - Electrocution hazard, choking maybe? - Repairing those useless new clipper - sam boat as jet lighter one... - Interesting photography tricks - fire hazard, peeping toms, ingestion of cam - ikea scrap lamp - electrocution, possible fire hazard, broken glass maybe? - Coping with it - probably safe - Photoshop trickery - Chances of court case over libel - A word on humour - might get someone shot - A friend in need is a friend indeed - probably safe - Pocket jet engine - Fire, explosion, heavy metal poisoning, gas leaks, burns,death, pocket damage, pen damage, general destruction possible. So 2/26 isn't that bad...

- How to talk to an ex - Possibly the deadliest instructable here LOL!!! That is SOOOOO funny. Sadly, it's also pretty true...

How to talk to an ex

In my case, there is a court order that my ex how to speak to me quite succinctly: don't

What a nutcase she was.

I know that pain, except I just had to figure out how to get her annoyed at me when she started the stalkery, I've found other girls were instrumental in keeping her at distance...

Thankfully my "ex" moved back with her parents, in MS, and me here in PA...the distance makes all the difference in the world LOL

A little bit of safety in your own head... My absoluely insanse Ex live six miles down the road, more than once she has appeared after walking it...

hmm, ive done. one. it includes: high speed rotary tool- risk of cuts and burns molten plexiglass-burns plexiglass-cuts images- copyright and paper cuts. wow, who would have thought a safe but challenging project could be that deadly

I enjoy using examples to make fun of safety people. Buying a bottle of coke: - Pressurized container, risk of bursting/explosion - Removing cap, pressure may cause cap to take flight (when you plan it) - Drink may foam up, potential getting in eyes and causing damage to upholstery - Choking risk associated with small parts - Due to foaming nature of carbonated drink potential drowning hazard - May cause nasal damage if foaming occurs while drinking - Foaming causes spills and slip hazards - Wrapper may cause choacking/strangling hazards - Bottles littering may cause untold environmental damage - Bottles are a significant trip hazard - Cap also I think that gets the point across, that's off the top of my now quite empty head, only one of them is one the bottle though, so what does that tell us?

you forgot liquides-risk of suffocation containers-risk of food poisoning such as, but not limited to botulisme the little thing under the cap that says try again- choking hazard using tools to remouve the little thing under the cap- risk of lacerations, cuts, bruises, contusions and other injuries

the little thing under the cap that says try again- choking hazard

suicide hazard (not again !!!!)

not to mention: i said try again. so i put it back and took it out again. and it still said try again. i spent years trying again. do you have any idea how high my psychologist bill is now??!!

meaning that the little thing under the cap that says try again- is causing the person to scream "not again?! "

Even mine....

Quick computer pranks-Safe? no. You could get beat up if they found out it was you who did it.
how to make a friendship bracelet- Yarn is a choking hazard, it will choke you if inhaled!


10 years ago

Reading the article, it seems that the actual charges involved taking the resulting "taser" to school, and appearing to be ready to use it. Merely "making a weapon" appears to still be legal. That makes sense, more or less. I think the flash-based tasers are pretty stupid; both more dangerous and less effective than the average $30 "stun gun." Still, taking anything weaponlike to school is way over most schools tolerance limits. Idiot! (and stun-gun like things aren't legal everywhere, either...) The net effect of this incident, if well publicized, is likely to be that people requesting used disposable cameras from photo shops for more legitimate purposes won't be able to get them, and perhaps ordinances restricting the sale of cameras (with flash) to people over 18. (cf "spray paint") grr. (Hmm. I wonder when we'll see the first disposable camera with a low-voltage (LED) flash? Right now, that's probably not cost effective, but I bet it's getting close... (hmm. Maybe not; there would still be electronics...))

Hey guess what, I went to three different photo developing booths (Wallmart, target, and wallgreens) and they all said they got an email saying they are not allowed giving away disposable camera shells because of this news story. :(

> The net effect of this incident, ... . Unfortunately, you are probably right. For some reason, a lot of ppl think the World should be a perfectly safe place. I'd blame it on the Liberals, but it's pandemic. ;)

dangerous instructables teach people responsibility first hand. as long as it isnt dangerous enough to put someone in the hospital, or in a coffin, its fine imo

Ermmm, that would be bad, some of the best projects here are considered dangerous, I will soon be building and documenting the building of a jet engine made from scrap and random junk, it could be deadly but people want to see it and want to build their own even if I put ten pages of safety doom and gloom warnings...

A jet will be cool!. I built a pulse jet one time and got a really nasty burn, but it was a blast to make. All the pages of "doom and gloom" is exactly why I haven't posted my instructions on how to make a large Tesla coil. I don't feel like getting told off by someone who blames me for there own lack of foresight.

i wanted to post an ible on that! im even working on a solid state version.

Oooooh! do make! then i can make music! look below

those are full sized ones. the one im working on is smaller and solid state. to make i sing, youd need to somehow produce square waves at the right hertzez.

the guy just uses some sort of program from his laptop. And he also says that coils this size produce sounds at about 110dB, so I think smaller ones would be proportionately quieter..... It would be awesome one of us got the program (I probably wouldn't have the tools to make it...). Eh. (copied from one of the guys with multiple vids of tesla coil music) "The coils are controlled over a fiber optic link by a single laptop computer. Each coil is assigned to a midi channel which it responds to by playing notes that are programed into the computer software. What is not obvious is how loud the coils are. They are well over 110dB."