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substitute for kno3 Answered

 ok so kno3( potasium nitrate ) is a 5.1 oxidiser yes?> chlorine is a 5.1 oxidizer so could you substitute kn03 for chlorine when making black powder or will chlorine react badly with the sulphur



7 years ago


What Johenix says about chlorates or perchlorates and sulfur is true (known as armstrong mixtures) the combination has killed or maimed a lot of pyros. Also chlorates and per chlorates have a tendancy to detonate not just deflagrate like black powder so they are poor propellants. Chloides are not oxidizers as a rule and as such do not make explosive mixtures. If its propellants your looking for i'd recomend that you stick with nitrates.

 the only substitute for potassium nitrate is sodium nitrate.

You DO NOT want to substitute Potassium Chlorate into any compound or mixture that contains sulphur or sulphide. They form extremely shock sensitive explosives. Think of cap gun caps-that is what they are sulphide and Potassium Chlorate in minute ammounts.


8 years ago

 Chlorine is available as a solid (HTH granular chlorine) but it is not full strength and the inert component will likely cut the reaction with everything else.
Saltpeter is commonly available. Check the fertilizer section at your local hardware store. 

You'd have trouble making black powder with chlorine - It's a gas!
Having a quick google, it looks like you can use sodium chlorate but I'm making no comment on its suitability.  Remember things which go BANG can hurt you.