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subwoofer installation? red wire, blue wire? Answered

i need help with a car subwoofer, i have a friend whos red wire went, and doesn't have a power antenna akak a blue wire. his red wire went, its a 2000 buick and the cars are notorious for that issue. i have it on a switch for the 12v and i have a jumper from the 12v to the remote so when the switch is flicked the remote and 12 v are powered. is there an alternative wire to connect the remote to besides the red or blue?


I'm sure that this is a serious question, but I can't for the life of me think of a serious answer I hope It is a hoax..lol

you should try to hook it up to the fuse box, just hook it up in where it says radio, just pull out the fuse and jam the wire down one of the sides and put the fuse back in, i hope it works it worked for me

Damm! iamtoats beat me to it!

But otherwise I don't know either. sorry

Don't cut the blue wire!!!!!!!! It always makes the explosion.... I would help, but I only know pro audio. (Yes, It's very different from car audio...)