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suggestions for fyp? Answered

what project should i do for my final year project. There are many but i want suggestions that will be very good for my fyp. i am an electronic engineering student



thanks all of you for nice advice and some great suggestions

any other suggestion will be good related to adriuno,raspberry pi etc

I have an oscilloscope on my desk now the size of a credit card, It works fine for many applications.

It is easily complicated enough for a degree level project.


Covers the typical applications in a hobbyenvironment: Analogue
signals like audio (0 - 20 kHz), ultrasound, infrared sensors (38 kHz),
servo motor control (a few kHz). Logic signals like e.g. RS-232, CAN,
I2C, SPI, one-wire. Slow changing signals like temperature sensors etc.

Spectrum analyzer functionality (real-time Fast Fourier
Transformation) so one can look at things like 50 (or 60) Hz
interference, distortion in an audio amplifier or look for oscillations
in a power supply.


I like my DSO Nano it has a built in signal generator and it is not much larger than a credit card. It is not as powerful as my 3 Tektronics 531 and 431 but they are the size of a house.

electric vehicle and or the control unit

do you think electric vehicle is right. i mean it is a good project and my first preference is the electric vehicle but my professor is saying that this project is a little bit old and many people have already made it so i should make a project that will be useful for future purpose.

Electric vehicles are a wide subject, far from old the are as current as you can get.

There are a multitude of aspects to using electricity for transport many of which are not concerned with building the rolling chassis. I leave it to you to research and discover what might be done.

Find a current problem and resolve it.

We have a be nice policy here but to be honest your lack of initiative takes the micky.


You really really need to stop and start thinking. Google is awash with electric vehicle links as is this site and the search function works fine.

We are not here to gain you your degree and a big part of that engineering degree is learning to think, research and recognise problems and solutions that come your way.

You need to take an interest in your subject and start reading everything you can get your hands on that is connected to it. That's how you will gain knowledge and insight.

Oddly a degree level course is all abut teaching yourself and not having thers do any more than point ou in the right direction.


4 years ago

At your age my hobby was electronics and I had built kits and my own designs in HS and collage.

Picking a project would have been a simple task to pull the one that could be done in the allotted time from a large back burner list in my mind .

It sounds like your just going through the required steps.

An engineer in the real world will need to devise solutions for problems when they occur. Otherwise be a technician.

thanks for good advice. actually the problem is that my university are demanding a project that will be useful for future purpose. I had already 2 fyp proposal rejected

1.electric vehicle

2.quad track arduino rover :(

Think about industries you'd like to work in and subjects that interest you. From there talk to professors in those fields and try to develop a project with a realistic scope and significant enough impact to be useable. You can even talk to companies about sponsoring your project if it's something they're interested in. That adds a layer of complexity but is a much more "real world" experience than doing yet another project/report.

yes absolutely right i am looking for a project that will be good when i go to industry or elsewhere