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super smash bros. brawl!!! Answered

Just in case you didn't know there is a new super smash brothers game coming on (Feb.10 2008)

it will be on the wii

here are some pics. and a link to the sight where they have an update every weak day.


Please post your codes! mine is 4768-7361-7815

you have to give me your wii address board code too so I cna tell you when I can host a match.

yeah same with me I'll give you both of them tonight if I can and om them so no one steels them and dose whatnot with them.

ok I ll get my code some time it sholdnt be long as long as I don't forget

hey give me you brawl friend code and your wii message board code and then we can play online! =

notify me in a p.m. and then will p.m. you back.

k. I don't feel like going to check it right now, so i'll probably do it tommorow or something.

thats ok. im just trying to get results with the big letters... I'm not yelling.

I own W/ R.O.B.

This just may ruin the fun a little bit because if you read this you will be highly tempted to do this. HOW TO UNLOCK ALL CHARACTERS WITHIN TWO HOURS!!! Use the following trick to unlock all characters in under two hours. Enter VS. mode, and select Special Match mode. Set it to Stamina and Flower modes. At the character selection screen, give the CPU 1 health and your character anything over 1 health. Also, make sure that it is on 1 Life Stock mode. Set the map to Shadow Moses Island, at least until Snake appears and you defeat him. Keep playing this way for approximately two hours and you have around 500 VS. mode games played. By then, you should have unlocked all characters. Note: Make sure you are using a character you are good with because after a certain number of rounds, you will unlock each character and have to face them in a fight. It is 1 vs. 1 -- so it is recommended that you use a character like Ike, who hits very hard. However, do not worry if you lose; after one more VS. mode round, you will get to try again.

no, just beat the subspace emissary and unlock all the doors i did that and got them all in 7 hours longer but use easy i was on normal(tabuu is not a pushover) when i did in 7 hours...lol

I all ready got every one but yeah I see how that would work well. they made it to easy to get every one in this game. mele was a lot harder you had to do differen't things do get some characters.

I like Pit, he flys like an angel ;)

wolf,mario or link i own wit em =)
ps:i got brawl a week ago and beat subspace emisary in 7hrs and 22mins

link is awesome! I haven't played the sub space much yet because my brother all ready beat it and he ruined it for me.

link kick azz =)
(make a new one on a harder difficulty that'll make you know your better)

list of known characters: i have the game mario luigi sonic snake pit ike marth king dedede kirby samus wolf fox falco toon link (from windwaker) link wario meta knight more that i cant remember... there is 35 in all

i cant wait. i didnt know that sonic was going to be in it.

I have no idea. Maybe there was a bug in the translation or something...

I have no idea then. I guess there may be a legitimate excuse... Maybe they are waiting on more wii's so that they can sell them both at the same time, and no shortage.

they do that before they release all games so they wont run out immediately (i thing they should of waited to release the Wii)

the reason they didnt was to make people want to work to get the system therefore they get more money because every shipload is selling out in one day

Man, the European release isn't even known yet. It's probably gonna be after June too. I can't believe Nintendo...

I saw the supposed date of release and just had to post this. Bonus points for whoever can tell me what it's about =]