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super smash brothers brawl (SSBB) Answered

Hi I have only one "friend" to play brawl with and I am looking for some people to play with. send me a pm with your wii message board number and also send your brawl number too.


I use yoshi and if you want to face me, look at my profile my number is there and then message me

I was wondering. I know all my instructables suck. So what if I made instructables on how to make SSBB stages(im good at that) Tell me if you think i should do so...


10 years ago

Toon link. Just cause I suck with wolf.

I haven't used toon link much at all but my sister likes him a lot she pones with him she's only 7

Well, I used to main with link in melee, so i can hold my own with toon link. But the second I start a match with wolf, I accidently fly off the edge and kill myself.

I hate wolf I do the same thing. I'm not saying that toon link was bad.

so... just another reason why he is dumb! ha ha ha peach fart lol when we go to Georgia in the sprimg we always drive past this giant peach shaped water tower and it looks like a huge butt crack LOL.

No, I didn't think you were. I'm just saying that toon link is better for me than wolf. And I'm much better with olimar than either of the two, anyway.

I don't know. I went to a brawl tourney that my friend set up this sunday and totally creamed everyone with olimar, but I've yet to meet someone who doesn't just spam his throw move.

yeah maybe we can meat one day or something. I'm in clevland ohio where are you?

oh so your not too far a way. I have been running out of competition around here unless my brother uses the hacking characters.

Huh. Well, there's a fair bit of competition around here. You have to search though, but at least my brother can sortof put up a fight.

Well, my brother can sometimes beat me. But only if he's Mr. G&W;.

O my gosh if ever there was a hacking final smash ,its his! :( its so dumb thats why my brother wins with him all the time because he gets 4 final smashes in one game. I turned the final smash off and I powned him.

I know. It sucks. You can get like two kills with one final smash. And you can't dodge it, so you're screwed.

I know thats and snakes final smash should not be in there it has to be a one strike thing ,like links.

Yeah, but I can sorta dodge snake's final smash. Except on tiny stages. The octopus, though, I have no chance against.

sorta its still dumb the octopus the only thing to do to avoid it is play in hyrule and have them chase you around the bend then jump up and some times they will fall of the edge trying to chaise you.

Or you could go to spear pillar and get the octopus stuck in the bottom half. It doesn't kill, but at least you can wait it out then.

is that a costom stage that comes with it? sounds good. do you have gh3 and if you do how well do you do?

No, spear pillar is a pokemon stage that you unlock by doing one of the events. Forget which one it is, but it's around 24 or something. No, I only have GH2 and GH1. And I'm not that good, anyway. But this ain't a GH forum, this is for SSBB. Onward with the discussion.

oh that one I have it I have all of them. from what i know. I can see how that would work good.

Yeah, that's pretty good. Plus, there's a small area between two of his legs that's safe. If you can get the timing right, you can air dodge into it, and then roll out.

Yeah. I almost did it once, but I messed up and missed. It's totally possible, though. Just requires practice.

no not realy but they did make links final smash a little to wimpy. you should be able to get 2 people to get stuck in it. one from behind and one in front.

Yeah, it's almost useless. If you don't get it perfect, you can also escape from it. Another useless final smash is DeDeDes'. It just does nothing.

Eh. Yeah. I guess. It's just easy to dodge, like ness' and lucas'. If you can figure out how to dodge it, then it's nothing.

R.O.B.s' final smash is cheap, too. Especially since he gets to fly and use his stupid air attacks.

junky of hacking? I don't find it to effective start a new comment this one is to squished.

if your playing with a group its good to hide behind snake so he cant see you.


10 years ago

New comment! Okay, so we've decided that some Final Smashes are cheap, and some ain't. how about items? You ever use Items?

yeah I do I think that the cracker launcher is awesome I have become a sniper with that thing. I can think of the things I hate because they aren't on so I don't remember them. I don't like the banana and the cloaking device thats all I remember right now.

I hate bananas. They're so useless. And is the cloaking device even in Brawl? I hated it in Melee, and I think they got rid of it. If not, it's the most useless thing in the game.

yeah I know I hate them. the teem healer is dumb too. the deku nut is junky . smoke ball is horible. Mr. saturn worst ever. the timer is pretty bad. I hate fire flowers.

Fire flowers have become cheap now that you can move around with them. And I just don't see a point in the smoke ball. It doesn't do much.

yep. the smoke balls what is the point any way is it just so you cant see what th dude will do next?