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just a quick show of hands...uh, keyboards...uh, oh screw it, who has a NXT MINDSTORMS kit (can be 1 or 2)? please tell me what version you have please respond soon.




8 years ago

Have two. 1.0 and 2.0

Erm... Ya, me. Why? (Actually my step brother's)

Hmm not sure, he got it in June 2009, and knowing him he got the latest for the time. I was just wondering if you were planning something.

A gigantic Mindstorm Mind-hurricane !!!! ;-)

Ow! I got poked in the eye with a piece. D:

at least it didn't scoop up any Lego © cows ;-)

Pen...ding. Pending. P-ending. Or was the the Hold that thought bit? Hold... thought... thought that hold....

Kind of reminds me of how saying "No pun intended" in a random sentence causes people to think really hard over the next 6-10 hours. Sad thing is, I think there was a pun in the above comment.

ok, thought you were punning one member's name (that I haven't seen for a long time) Pat Pending :-)

Oooooooh no wonder! Yeah I do remember him. But I was referring to a cow pat, as in what the food is after passing through those four stomachs.

I see, 'round these parts, they dry 'em and use thing as fuel in a stove ;-) when they aren't spreading them on the fields for fertilizer...

Where exactly are you from? I used to live in a farming district but I'm now in the capital of Australia.

Which is not Sydney.

I live in the USA, Eastern area (about 3-4 hours drive inland), in the farming community of Pennsylvania (on the eastern end, not towards the Pittsburgh. :-) But not very close to Philthy-delphia Philadelphia either :-)

He he, looks like I'm going to have to learn my geography a bit better. Is it a nice area?

It is VERY beautiful here, farm and mountain and wooded area-wise, but if you are looking for TECHNICALLY advancement, you'd have to go to Pittsburgh, Philthadelphia, or maybe even Harrisburg. In my area, we had a Monster mainframe computer, that used punch cards up in to 1998 or so. :-)

Yes but being in a great area is more important than having the latest satelite dish and broad band and all the other non-necessities, I much preferred the farm to where I live now, but at least I'm at a nice school and I'm not far from friends and neighbours.

Oh I like the area, but as far as finding good educational resources, and decent paying jobs; it is not so good.

Ah, well, that is a necessity. I'd like to get a job but I have to wait until at least Christmas holidays, with school and everything.

Looks just like the one in the first picture.