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survival gear and tips Answered

what do you guys think are good survival items to have and tips to learn


Here are some good tools: ( itll be a relatively long list)
Food (trail mix, granola bars , or other non parishables that can be eaten right out of package
A water bottle or two
Straws (to drink water from puddles if supply runs out)
Hand warmers (can be found at camping store- definetely bass pro shops)
Hand sanitizer
Fishing gear (tackle box)
Switchblade or some kind of weapon
Rubber bands ( to make a crossbow if needed)
TOILET PAPER (haha. BUT IT IS A NECESSITY. Dont want poison ivy or worse)
Money (at least $20)
Old cell phone ( phones are still required to be able to call 911) make sure its charged
Matches (preferrably waterproof)
Survival manual (can be found at bookstore or downloaded as an app)
Garbage bags (for insulation or as a pillow if stuffed with grass)
Paper for kindling
Flares (can be found at fireworks store)
Backpack to carry it all in.

There ya go! Hope it helped! I have my own kit with these things in it. Hope you survive! :p.
Ps. Even though my name is nerfrocketeer, i do other stuff too... Enjoy! Bye! Plz check out my ibles if tou can!

Thats a wonderful list, one important thing that is not in the list is a lighter for fire.

Thanks! =D I did put in matches though. :P. I find they're more reliable, and they last for more uses. But yes you could also have a lighter, or a magnesium flint stick, or something of the sort. :).

Thanks for posting a comment here, too. Ive been looking for this page for a while now, but I couldn't find it. The email alert of your comment provided me with a link. Thanks!!! You helped me without knowing!