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survival kit ideas Answered

What should i include in my survival kit?


one thing i always make sure i have when i go backpacking is atleast three different light souces other than fire becasue anyone who has ever tried lighting a fire at night on top of a mountain knows its not an easy task without a light source

Is there a way we can start a moratorium on posting Altoids-tin survival kits? There hasn't been a real innovation in survival kits in about 20 years, and people are just reposting variations on the same kits over and over again.

i just carry around a knife, magnesium bar, tinder, rope, orange garbage bags, space blankets, tarp, and a handy survival guide( there is a bear grylls pocket knife at walmart that is only $15.00 and is durable, comfortable, and I cut down a 4 in tree with it!!!

What do you need to survive?


6 years ago

I grew up in, practically lived and thrived in, what many Europeans and Americans consider the "great outdoors"...

And no-one back then ever carried what is today "euphemistically" referred to as a "survival kit"..

I would, however, suggest you follow the idea of "the ten essentials", (Google that phrase too, while y'all are at it..) ~

Where you should take the following with you whenever venturing far "outdoors":
Protection - sunscreen, insect repellant, hat, sunglasses; suitable extra clothing;
2 or 3 means of starting a fire;
A map and compass if entering strange territory;
A torch or headlamp;
A First Aid kit;
Some means of communication - whistle, mirror - don't forget I've already listed a knife (usually has shiny bits) and torch, above..

As for the "survival" portion of this "kit" - I already have a knife and compass there - and such "MacGyver" items as duct tape (or an alternative..) and twine/cord, will be present in my first aid/repair supplies.

Don't forget, while you're considering these "survival" aspects, that the #1 survival resource is between your ears ~

* experience;
* education and training: especially in navigation, first aid and similar basic "bushcraft" (hygiene, food and cooking, camp craft..);
* any local knowledge..

And especially in keeping a calm head, "when all around you everyone is losing theirs.."

"Be quite, calm and gentle.. quite, calm and gentle..."

If you use the search bar on the top right with the term "survival kit" you will find 12,600 hits on instructables alone. Among these are many variations on size, budget, location and application of the kits. From backpacks to every-day-carry packs, from hunting in the woods to surviving an urban wasteland, from "free" to hundreds of dollars of equipment.

Read through a couple of those and assemble whatever you think applies to your situation.

In essence what caitlinsdad said is true. In a survival kit you include what you need to survive. Basics are air, food and water but depending on where you are, what you have to do and under what conditions you need to do it your kit will change.

is that a rhetorical question?