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syfy alien style gel/liquid controller Answered

i wonder how one could build a controller like the aliens use in district 9 and other movies/games.
You know the kind im talking about? The one where you put your hands inside of a gel like substance and manipulate the controls. Now maybe were a long way from the actual thing but i would like to make or see made something similar. like maybe a clearish, strong bag that could hold some kind of thick gel. then using displacement of your hands some how be able to "press" buttons.
like move index finger up, displacement of gel causes a button/sensor above to be triggered.

all while being inside of a clear glowing stylish case... is this possible with todays tech? i think so, but has anyone an idea exactly how to do it? community project maybe??


Big jermini

8 years ago

no thoughts?  anyone?? simple or complicated, it dont matter.  yall even know what im talking about? heres a couple of pics.

Ive tried putting thick hair gel inside of eight bags. Then placed buttons around inside of a fish bowl connected to leds. i then placed the bags inside around the the edges so they cover the buttons. so when i put my hand inside the first thing i noticed is the gel isnt really thick enough for the job. i can move my entire hand left and it will barley press a button. same with all directions.

Ok so displacement is the way to go. But now i need to use some kind of sensors. maybe uv leds, receivers. try to work some kind of light refraction controller maybe???? anybody else have any other thoughts??

MovieMakerBig jermini

Reply 7 years ago

Why couldn't one person act with the jel while another person actually controlled the unit with the controller or remote control?


8 years ago

then using displacement of your hands some how be able to "press" buttons.

Hmmm,  don't go with "buttons" per se` but rather pressure sensitive switches would be better.  This could be made similarly to a touch screen, except instead of using "inductance" as a sensor, it would use displacement pressure.

The problem comes in moving from one control to another,  if you move your hands, the displacement is liable to set of a number of switches....
Big jerminiGoodhart

Reply 8 years ago

sorry i havent noticed your reply until after i made my comment.

yeah ive noticed the multiple switch problem too. im working on setting up connections around the bowl, then set the connector pads(sort of like the keyboard membrane, keys) on the outside of the bags. hoping to figure a shape combo so that pad A will only connect to pad A, not B. then adjust the sensitivity out to a certain pressure to prevent accidental hits. thanks for the inductance idea.  Ill try that next.