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tablet pc Answered

What would it take to install a tablet pc screen onto a regular laptop? or what would it take to convert a tablet pc screen to a usb tablet ? (maybe a dvi port to display on it and a usb to allow for the input from the screen?)


Oh? Did I quirk someone's interests??

I highly doubt you quirked someone's interest. Maybe piqued. ;)

That's a much better word, thanks! If you guys figure out what kind of clear panel you can get to clip over the screen itself to turn it into a touch screen. I can't for the life of me figure out what you would call that exactly, and because of it, I can't find a single damn thing on google.

You probably already checked out how a wacom cintiq works, but its USB and DVI. The DVI provides the video and the USB provides the tilt and pressure. I think wacom is the leading brand for tablet PCs so you might get lucky and be able to rig something up.

tablet screen is a combination of lcd screen with tablet i think the screen has its own interface that is meant to go directly to the tablet mainboard. this interface is not anywhere compatible with dvi / vga / s-video etc the touchscreen part has high chance of actually being usb or ps2