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tag ideas Answered

just trying to get as many tags as possible so that we can be more known



NOt to be off the topic, but I do believe you are the only furry-phile here...

Maybe we could have a spare mascot, when it's Robot's day off?

You'd have to post a photo for us to consider...

Don't forget, this is a family site.

i see you think im with those perve furries. im not one of those guys we as furries genrally take offense to those things. it give the rest of us a bad reputation

So you need to be clearer regarding what you are "about", both in your group description and the text of this thread (you can edit it). Say "a group for furries" and anybody will assume the fetish version.

I didn't even know there was a none-pervy version of furries.

>> I didn't even know there was a none-pervy version of furries. Neither did I!

Just to help, its only one word. Or else you just have a singing typewriter, which would probably annoy the crap out of anyone in the immediate area who isn't fond of parlor songs. Lawl ;)

yah if you need proff go to www.furry4life.ning.com youd be surprised how seriously things can b taken

We could get LiRa to clean his hutch out...

as in....tag, you're it?

More liie grafitti - leaving their mark in all sorts of inappropriate places.

Oh, like doggies do when you take them for a walk ? ;-)

. Why? The tagger and the dog are both marking their territory to indicate ownership to other members of their respective species. Both are frowned on in public areas. Sounds like a great analogy to me.

I meant no offense, as Nacho says, I thought the comparison was equiponderant.