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taken hovercraft as final year project need some strong data plz help reply @ramiz.kazi1@gmail.com? Answered

i am final year engineering student .i have taken hovercraft as my project & m planning to built a hovercraft with thrust & lift fan that can carry a load of around 250 lbs .can anyone help me with details about how much power engine will be needed help plz



8 years ago

You should visit Universal Hovercraft. See what motors are spec'd for their hovercraft kits and calculate your needs based on that.

Assuming you're making a small single-seater, it'll probably be in the 5-10 HP range for gas, and 2-4HP for electric.

you'll need a motor that can lift the described weight plus that of the structure, mechanisms and ancillary devices, motor, and fuel.

What did you find out already ?