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taping/gluing paper mock up? ? Answered

what have you found is the best way to put together the paper mock up? have you tried cardstock? does this make a difference??? or cereal boxes?/

Also as I move forward on other patterns, I take and use packing tape to tape over the entire pattern to a overhead transparency sheet (like for the overhead projectors in schools (once upon a time). This way I can keep the pattern and keep using it on leather... I do a lot with Veg-tan.

Any other idea's? Or any experiance with the plastic sheets that you can print on ink jet? I know that they exist but I havent tried them.


I love cardstock and use that quite a bit for patterns that I plan on using multiple times! I like the idea of using a transparency sheet, too. :D

I haven't tried the printable plastic sheets, but I've seen folks have good success with iron-on stabilizers that can be printed on. But they're so much more expensive than the transparencies - that might be the best way to go!