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temporary video projector bulb fix Answered

has anyone ever had a bulb go out on you while using your video projector and not had money to fix it i came across a way to temporary to fix it but i dont know if it will work for all projectors so im getting peoples opinion on if i should put this up as an instructable. please let me know what you think


Of course you should put up an Instructable!  In the introduction, be specific about the model of projector you're using and what kind of bulb you're hacking around. 

In the steps, point out each component you deal with, and try to explain what each part is for.  That way, someone else will have a better chance of identifying those same parts in their projector, even if they don't look exactly the same.

If you found some other information on the Web which helped you to do this, include those links.

thus why i was wanting a few opinions im guessing you are interested in my instructable


8 years ago

im going to get a few more opinions on it and then from there i will get everything figured

Do it anyway. If you can show it, then it is worth doing and should be done.


If it works, do it & show us!


i know it does because i have had my projector going for a few months now and it works like new well new to me i got mine with bad bulb