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"tent" to be placed over an outdoor dog bed Answered

My dog's bed is on our patio.  If it rains outside and is windy, the bedding can get wet.  is there a man made tent to be placed over the bed for it to stay dry?



Burf, lemonie, and redesign all have good approaches.

One the "cheap", a ripstop tarpaulin could be easily tweaked into shape as a 3 sided tent or hut with a couple of internal supports made from 1x1 stock. For instance, if you were going camping, or if  this is a more temporary situation, or you don't have the skills to make a proper dog house or resources to buy a tent. A 6x8 ripstop tarp @ ~$5-10 will do the trick.

In fact, if you needed one this minute but had no ability to do any of the above but had a pair of trash bags you could rig up a nice dry area for the evening.

On the cheap, not one...

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Just build him a proper dog house.  You obviously care for him.  You can build a pretty simple dog house pretty easy.


8 years ago

Obviously, you need a "pup tent"