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test a monitor power supply? Answered

Hey there, My monitor just died and I do not know whether the monitor died or the power supply died. does anyone know how I can plug the monitor in and see ifi it still works? Westinghouse/ PTRANS(?) model:UP06511190 input 100-240v outout 19v/3.42a Jeff


If the PSU is inside the monitor, it could be a bit of a risk opening it up and playing inside if one is not familiar with the parasitic voltages present in the capacitors, etc.

If the PSU is like my newest monitor, and is plugged into the monitor, then one could figure what sort of load it needs, create that load with some resistors, and then test the output (unplugged from the monitor) of the PSU under load.

Otherwise, you may get a voltage reading and think everything is ok, when it may fail under load.

well, I suppose you coudld just hook up a multimeter to the output...