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thats it ! computer stuff in dumpster Answered

i found to date lots of computer stuff in good condition in the trash but this perfectly working monitor i found today is just too much to keep silence PEOPLE WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH WORLD TO WASTE IT LIKE THAT 11111 yep its a 17 in crt monitor thats allmost new except some scratches to the plastic (2006 production). it is in excellent focus what functional computer or other stuff did you find in trash ?


About 18 or 19 years ago a friend & I were given permission to salvage about 35 Intel 386 & 486 machines from a skip when the local office of a certain parcel carrier (who shall remain nameless) upgraded their entire system in one go.
Along with the machines we also had all the monitors, keyboards, mice & printers.
After a few weeks cleaning them up & putting together the best we could out of them we put up a couple of cards in the local college & sold the lot at bargain prices to students desperate for anything they could get hold of, we probably sold them for about half their actual worth but we raised enough to buy new kit to build each of us a nice new machine so everybody was happy.
The guys clearing the office saved A LOT of skip space which is never cheap, the students got machines they otherwise may not have nbeen able to afford & my pal & I got new PCs.
My suggestion to anyone who has anything they no longer need that is in a usable state (or even not) is to offer it on their local FreeGle http://www.ilovefreegle.org/ or FreeCycle http://www.freecycle.org/ site not just computer kit but anything, I have found homes for all sorts of things over the last few years form old TVs to clothes & even on a couple of occasions half sacks of potatos gone to seed.


9 years ago

Heh. I (finally) replaced my decade+ old CRT TV with a modern LCD one. Getting rid of the old (36") CRT was ... an adventure. It weighed 200lbs! But I did find a place to donate it to that was happy to get it (and had strapping young lads to lift it out of the van and onto a cart...) Throwing away your CRT and replacing it with an LCD is GOOD, environmentally. Although the trash is NOT the right place to throw it away... (anyone want a free hi-res 21inch B&W; Apple monitor (circa 1990?)? I didn't think so...)

I want a such Apple monitor for my LC II!

throwing away any functional stuff is bad. if you dont need it you should hand it to some1 who needs and not to trash / recycle it

a crt takes 3X the power of lcd. thats right. but its unimportant if you need to heat your home anyway (with electricity) or if you run anyway on solar power

and i did pick a 2001 dell 21 inch monitor (one capable of 1800 X 1440 75 HZ) in trash. it has some distortions in the display. nonetheless me and friends enjoyed watching movies on it and ocassionlly i use it when i need huge resolution for drawing

I can literally heat my room in a couple of hours by turning on my computer with its giant crt. it is like 5-10 decgrees warmer

Our "computer room" is heated entirely by the 5 computers that are on most of the time. The in-floor heating units broke quite a long time ago. (although, I did replace the 1200W of incandescent lighting with about 150W of CFLs, which is a big help in the summer! (There were 4 fixtures, each with 5x 60W candelabra lamps. Now there are (more or less) 4 x 25W CFLs)) But this IS California...

I posted monitors to give away (three of them!) here: https://www.instructables.com/community/Free_computer_monitors_SFBay_Penninsula/

Man! You has some really good finds! My best find so far is an old laptop with a 15in CRT TV.

maybe your neighbours are not as headless as mine i found to date 2 complete pentium 4 desktop computers - one with all hardware intact and just windows messed up and one with blown fuse in the power supply i also found pentium 2s and pentium mmx notebook with dead hard drive (which i cant find replacement for) a good source for computer hardware are computer repair centers. just come there at end of day and ask to take everything they throw away. some places will happily give you lots of good / fixable stuff

Well, it is really the stupid WEEE rules, it is illegal to throw electronics in the trash, so the people have to take their unwanted electronic junk to the recycling center. :-(

I can't, WEEE won't give out electronic junk, they keep them for them self... :-(

a p3 a p2 and two 586 unites. two mac 9.4s (love them). 3 screens. im looking for a tv.

Funny, I threw out a fully functional 22" LCD the other day that I bought in 3Q 2008. I got a new one, so I didn't need it anymore, and it's old anyway, so it's not like I could sell it and get my money's worth or even donate to a library or school or something.


I actually did have to throw away an IBM data terminal monitor a few years (about 10 or so) back, because it took up the same room as a normal 17 " monitor & computer, and printer (that is how big it was, it was only a dumb terminal though), heavy as 4 17" tube monitors, and could not be hooked up to anything useful that I could find.
Still, I got the capacitors out of it (one was a little bigger then a soda can) and the circuit board. Back then, no one else would take it. I safely discharged the tube though, so it didn't go imploding on someone and become a bomb in the trash truck. I kind of wish I still had all that metal though. It was heavy duty. Those things were built to survive nuclear attack LOL

A fully working motor. Computer case/ power supply (modded into bench power supply) lots of other stuff