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the Deconstruction on Instructables Answered

Winners Announced!

We've partnered with the Deconstruction challenge to bring you the Deconstruction on Instructables!  Document your Deconstruction 2013 project on Instructables and submit it to the Instructables Deconstruction Group, and we'll pick the best entry to win a Canon G15 Digital Camera!  Only the Deconstruction projects that are posted on Instructables and entered into the Deconstruction on Instructables group are eligible to win this special bonus prize.

How to enter the Deconstruction on Instructables:

1) Register your team for the Deconstruction at http://thedeconstruction.org/register/.

2) If you don't already have an account on Instructables, sign up for one here.  All Deconstruction teams who create an account on Instructables or have one already will receive a free *1 year pro membership just for signing up and joining the Deconstruction group.  To get the free year of pro membership simply email carley@instructables.com with your username and let her know that you are participating in the Deconstruction and that you've joined the group.

3) On February 22nd, 2013, when you begin building for the event, create a new Instructable and remember to document your work as you build.  

You can simply document your work as you build over the weekend and publish the finished Instructable during the documentation days that follow the 48-hour build (fun).


Publish your Instructable with a title and short description of your plan for the weekend and use it as a live platform to share your progress, get feedback on your ideas and share with the community as you build in real time.  When the event is over, you'll already have a step by step documented process of your finished work.  

4)  When you make your video for your project and submit it to the Deconstruction, be sure to embed it in your Instructable so everyone can see the awesome project you've made in action.

When the Deconstruction organizers announce the winners, we will also announce the winner of the special Deconstruction on Instructables prize.  

While building, remember that you can find answers to tough electronics questions, get inspired if your team is still deciding what to build, or simply share what you are making on the world's easiest and most powerful project documentation mobile app, Instructables for iPhone.  Most importantly, remember to have fun creating something awesome on February 22nd - 24th, we sure will.

One challenge to enter, one project to build, two great prizes to win.

* you have to be a registered team at www.thedeconstruction.org and join the Deconstruction on Instructables group in order to receive the free pro membership.


This looks interesting, though it is a bit misleading at first, I did understand that it is talking about you Deconstruction Challenge project (And I thought that random capital was an error)
Looking at it now! (And salivating over the camera)

lol... I originally thought you were referring to the fact that there are a few weird malfunctions on the site since the latest App was implemented.

Mea culpa! ;-) I see I was mistaken, but I'll definitely check this challenge out!