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the adventurs of our gerbils there cool. Answered

Here are some pictures of my gerbils they had a litter of 4 about 2 months ago they killed the other three named bill, socratice he was cool because he was white, abrahm lincoln, one we have left is Dave. thees are the gerbils in the pics. Palpatien the dad, A.J. the mom she has a boy name lol ,and Dave the baby. On August /1/ 07 they had another litter of 3 once they get there fur we will name them, this topic is getting big. well in the next few pictures the babys have now had there fur for about three weeks ,but I was to lazy to post some pics for a while. pic 17 the two white ones are named ed because we cant tell them apart lol I haven't rely tried yet though pic 18 same pic 19 same pic 20 I want it pic 21 I'm a cute one pic 22 this is my card board tube pic 23 never give a girble toilet paper tubes they will burn them.......not its fake. pic 24 a new power dave used last night.


I have a Gerbil. T%hey are awsome. Does anyone have any tips on how to train them?

no not really i know you can put a sun flower on your shoulder and show them it's there and they will clime up for it but that's the only "trick" that I know.

This is one of the reasons I like Cavies (Guinea Pigs). The young are born furred and with their eyes open. They look like mini-adults and will fend for themselves within minutes of birth if need be. And most Cavy parents are really good (during the one pregnancy and before the birth we had, Papa was neutered). All four, along with the 2 parents got along tremendously. The one baby followed Papa everywhere, and even tried solid food within minutes of her birth (she was called "Daddy's Little Cinnamon Girl").

hey thst picture with midy in the tank reminds me of what happened to our CAT, well he like to play with our hamster and m brother forgot to put the cover on and he jumped right in to the cage!

the babys r cute but remeber what i said tske out the males

no actually the female was killing them not the male because the male was mating with her and she got stressed out and killed them one by one.


10 years ago

Cute, if they die, canida has a great instructable about taxidermy on mice, I'm sure you could substitute. My brother had a gerbil a long looong time ago. Oh, and I read that if you place a couple of male gerbils (though I'm sure with about any species this is true) together in a cage, eventually they can't control their "need" and resort to relieving their "need" with another male.

Watch the opulation density - too high, and canibalism ensues. I remember in junior school, we had a big tank of gerbils in the entry hall. They had lots of babies, then a couple of days later we all filed in at the start of the day past a tank containing just one gerbil. One very fat gerbil...

Oh, and there was a leg lying there as well. Thirty years ago, and I can still picture the exact shade of the dried blood...

yeah that happend to us to they actually had a litter of two killed them than the had a litter of four we tried to save them but only got one

thats so sad but to save them what you do is leave them alone and then the mother wont eat them and you should always always always take out the father aka palpitine

some guy pulled off my little cousins hamsters tail at school once cuz it bit him for squeezing it

yhey are so cute but its sad for me to watch them because I used to have two gerbles that looked just like them

i dont mean the name. i mean the laughing thing. Mr.west said it when he was using the cat crossbow. the cats name was paul

dave. hahahaha. thats a persons name! not a gerbil! haha. dave. haha. Hes a gerbil! not a person! (family guy reference)


10 years ago

Gerbils (and other rodents) tend to eat their young if they're nervous/scared/neurotic or just too young/inexperienced as parents. Ways to keep them happy and non-cannibalistic: give them places to hide and things to shred. Give them additional food to hoard, and adequate space to call their own territory. They're very sensitive to smell, so anything that says "predator" can potentially freak them out- dogs in their cage would be a biggie. I've seen hamster populations go berserk and cannibalize their young when someone wears perfume/cologne with musk- it's taken from rodent-predatory species. They like home-cage odor, so a bedding change will leave them upset for a while as well. When you do change the bedding, make sure to leave a handful of the old stuff spread around to keep them from getting too freaked out, and don't change bedding while they've got pups.

I know we all-ready know that stuff but thanks for your concern :) we have the mom separated from the baby because she killed the other three babies

i want like 200