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the distance of others planets measure with tausends of years of light speeds. Answered

how come a ufo creator on board reach to earht.are thair life too long to do it?




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When you approach the speed of light perceived time and distances appear shorter (time dilation and length contraction) For example, someone travelling at 99% the speed of light could travel a light year in just over 1 year, but the observed from in the spaceship you would only perceive 0.141 years (51 days) passing, so as you approach the speed of light, the distance you can travel in your lifetime increases greatly.

Unfortunately, the energy required to firstly accelerate to close to c, and then decelerate again, makes time-dilation unfeasible in the "real" universe.

These are UFO's, they don't bother themselves with trivial things like reality (but apparently they do bother with special relativity)

ER, you do know that "UFO" doesn't actually mean "of alien origin", don't you?

I think that alien origin is clearly implied in the question, but thanks for insulting my intelligence anyway.

If aliens came to Earth, and if their life-spans were short compared to the journey time, there are two options:

  • Hibernation - the crew are frozen somehow, and restored to wakefulness by automated systems.
  • Generation ships - very large ships, with large crews, are sent out. The journey is completed by the children born during the voyage.