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the infinite improbability drive? Answered

i recently finished reading the hitchhiker's guide series. Douglas Adams is a genious! he and authors such as George Orwell, are commonly looked over by todays readers. anyways, on to my question. does anyone know the components required to construct an ifinite improbability drive, like the one from the books? (and for the ignoramous who decides to tell me that its fictional and to shut up, i rebut before you post with, i know, if you had any sense to know that before your reading this, you wouldn't post said comment.) but yeah, does anyone know? i am looking for great minds such as kiteman or gmjhowe, or maybe a less well-known person. whoever you are, thanks in advance.



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If you liked Douglas's Hitchhikers series (All five books of the trilogy I hope) then you might like the rough first draft of my story Purify

To make an INFINITE improbablility drive you need to first know how improbable such a drive existing is. Then feed this number into an ordinary improbablility generator.

So, start with your ordinary improbablilty generator first. I'd lend you mine but it was eaten by my meercat - what are the chances of that happening eh?


Now, that's probability. Isn't it.

The Bistromathic Drive is a different and perhaps superior design, ork.

Unfortunately, I think we only have a description of the machine used to create the first Infinite Improbability Drive:
"the logic circuits of a Bambleweeny 57 Sub-Meson Brain to an atomic vector plotter suspended in a strong Brownian Motion producer," that is, "a fresh cup of really hot tea".

I suggest a disassembled computer power supply connected via tubes of UV-reactive dye (quinine water? highlighter ink?) to a geometric arrangement of hot-glued ball bearings that is suspended in a glass teapot of liquid.

You can then create a vortex in the teapot with a magnetic stirrer: Place a ball bearing in the teapot and set this atop a hidden bar magnet attached to a motor.

Well, your suggestion are brilliant but i think we must first find out the probability of happeneing this?shouldn't we.


than # comes up quite a bit in my life

so do the numbers 409..........24 & 42 & 26 & 11 & 12

but really........thanks

i am beginning to think my infinite improbability drive
went haywire a while back
& a resounding YES!!............douglas adams was a genius & orwell
as well


If you subscribe to the 'multiple universes' theory then there are already an infinite number of you and, by the logic of the infinite, must also be every possible place. So why do you need to travel anywhere when you're already there ??

Aren't the details given in the books? I believe the essential components are just a really strong cup of tea and an understanding of higher bistromathics. It _is_ infinitely improbable, after all.

Its the really strong cup of tea bit that American readers will struggle with. Most US tea is almost but not entirely unlike tea in fact.

I suggest starting with a toaster and see what happens, at the very least you'll end up with something that can make you breakfast. Or you could kidnap the instructables robot and use him for parts :)