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the "new ibles" Answered

i hate the new search eninge i cant view it the old way with lilttle boxes in rows

a quick video of what happens when i try to use it and sorry for the lines


I understand the new search takes some getting used to.  There's a few custom filters that might help you out.  If you try searching for knex again, and just hit enter (or google custom search) as opposed to "graphical search" it'll take you to the landing page for K'nex projects.  Hopefully this makes things easier to find.

The graphical search works as advertised.  I think you want to be able to view results in a columns and rows kind of view, but that has never been one of the features of that search (it was a bug in that search for a while, but it was fixed).

Please let me know if there's any other issues you're having with the search.

You should use the Graphical Search, then.

What's it doing? No response at all when you click it? White screen with nothing on it forever? I had the first problem with IE8 until a couple of days ago, but mine's working now since the last bug fix. What browser are you using, and have you tried the standard "clear the cache" fix?

.  Care to share a few specifics with Robot? If he doesn't know what you don't like, he can't fix it.