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the next new knex gun ideas? Answered

i was just wondering, what type of new knex gun would you have to make to be a 'Knex god'. i mean there doesn't seem to be any more things we can do other than model guns or maybe a Rocket propelled grenade (which would be hard). can someone help for ideas of a mech - not a model of a gun, something that we dont have anyform of.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Go to my Knex Concepts instructable. All of the answers are there.

how about a knex bazooka :)

try I_Am_Canadian's cannons

as close as we're gonna get...

Meh, We are still waiting for powerful semi auto mechs...

no everything you make sucks none of yer guns get 2ft

Good for you, people have seen it though.

Whats that supposed to mean? People see alot of things, because most people have eyes.

Seen IT, your comment was about MY gun, so IT clearly means MY gun. If you're gonna act smart, do it right.

well i mean people have seen your gun, and people have seen my guns so what im saying is that it is obvious

It's obvious that my gun shoots 15 feet? I know it is.

Oooh, that, I thought you meant a new one soon to be posted, bad thing is, yours needs the rams pulling back after the 4 shots, but its a V. Good idea.

Ohh, still, you still need to pull back 20 rams, but you do get the advantage of getting 20 far shots fired in quick succession.

i forgot to say, other than improving the range of existing types.

i made a semi auto, didnt post yet, but its an RBG

u pull the trigger, an rb comes out, u pull the trigger again, and another rb comes out, and it holds about 12 rb's, i posted a forum thing, so check out my account, i modded the gun shown a tid-bit, i made it thicker, and have a stock. but yes, true semi, but a LONG reloading time...

Fake semi then, because you need to reload. But still coolio.

u ever see rocket power wen u were younger? cuz in an episode of it (the 1 were the "shoobies" take the kids' "lingo") the dad ses that wen he was young he made up a word that was so cool that it never caught on "coolaroonay".

Yes, I saw that episode years ago, but what does that have to do with anything?

nothing really, just remebered it... good memories...

that is true semi auto - you have to reload after the "mag" iis emptied.

Its a matter of opinion. You need to reload the power scorce.

Well, with rbgs, the rubberband is both the power source and bullet. Kinda hard to tell.

Yeah, because real ammunition are the power source and the bullet too...

point. p.s. you have mail. check your inbox.

ive got a rocket propelled grenade but it is still being tested it fire out the barrel of tube type gun

cool. i really would like to see a PROPER minigun as well, thinking about it.

look up ironman63's minigun sorry if its the wrong name an easy way to build a minigun is to have the rotating barrels pull a chain

i said PROPER. the bullets in his minigun don't shoot down the barrels. they just shoot out the box.

i think that a good idea would be a working semi auto gun, or a full auto that doesn't require a motor.

i saw it. its good, but the only thing i wasn't too fond of was the fact that it doesnlt look to much like a gun, or that it shoots rubberbands. other than that, great idea!

ive made a new version its blue rod thickness. still fires rb's but it looks like a gun.

sweet! can you post it? i think that i may be able to mod it to shoot bullets not rubberbands.