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the reason I love instructables.com Answered

If you compare comments on these posts
with the comments on the original ones (and generally everywhere on instructables) you'll understand the reason why I love instructables so much!

People don't come on instructables to criticize our ideas, you'll rarely read a comment where someone don't thank you to sharing your work. Often they suggest other techniques or solutions, and they always do it with respect. Nobody ask them to comment the instructables, and it's clear that the absence of comments means the project didn't obtain any interest. This fact is so strong that sometimes it makes you wish more criticism about your ibles, but the reality is that it's a pleasure draw up a project for a such welcoming  audience. This is the great virtue of instructables community.


By the way....I think that it was a great idea with that mold to the Canon cable connector...;)

Thanks Kjetil, I've read your profile, I think your job should be amazing!


No love for my work either. Just posts to $50 items on ebay, and people complaining about the handedness when they don't think about the position of the crank! It would appear that the readers of petapixel are all angry bitter morons.

Matt, I remember your shutter grip, it's phenomenal!
I wonder how they could complain about left-handed solution, since it's a diy gear and they could build it as they wish... ahah!

Yeah pretty ridiculous that they are so critical. I guess that's what happens when you have DIY articles on a website that isn't DIY focused, you get all the people who don't understand the DIY concept giving negative remarks.

Reasons to love Instructables:

It's not Petapixel.
It's not YouTube.
It's not Facebook.

Phil B

5 years ago

When someone leaves a critical unfriendly comment I look at their profile. Most often I have found that person has yet to publish an Instructable. My daughter's father-in-law restores and builds beautiful classic cars. He says people at car shows who have never restored a car know all about what is wrong with those he has done. Once I sucked up critical and unfriendly comments. Now I flag them as "not nice," especially if they are sarcastic.


5 years ago

The Instructable's "be nice" policy has become a de facto "be constructive and thoughtful" policy.

Those people who prefer to just consume and produce wastes, instead of repairing, improving, and, even when it fails, learning something in the process, they just cannot understand what it is to be makers...

I totally agree with you Andrea..! This is not the place to tell the inventive person that it is much better to buy a new one on Ebay... And just the criticism on that site of these solutions of minor problems should not be so harsh. I can take criticism ,but I want a well thought ,and objective opinion of my "faults" That is why I too love Instructables. To see others "angle of attack" to a big or minor problem/solution.

I agree, and it also seems as though those that are overly critical, soon fing another old house to haunt. This makes it a nice safe place to post, and ask questions...

*Applausing* also