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the redundancy of this book Answered

the way i see it, the instructables that will make it into the book will be the all time favorite ones, the ones that i have already seen, i believe the people at instructables should go out and find some original instructables to put in the book not the old ones that everyone has seen. I mean i would like to buy this book, but what would be the point if i have already seen the instructables online? that is where the redundancy lies


I hope the amazon image isnt the front cover :S it really really needs to be orange and feature the robot

Umm... The point is to build instructables identity throughout the world, rather than the web with a book, at least that's the way I see it, by extending out with a book you bring people to new parts of the web, since the majority of the population still stay confined to a handful of major sites...

There are an awful lot of really good Makers who don't use this site. Some of them don't use the internet! However, if they see The Book on the shelves at their local hobby store, where they buy their parts and plans, then they will be exposed to our work, and maybe join in. Wen it is published, I am going to recommend to my local hobby store that they stock the book.

i couldn't help your use of "The Book" with the capitals, thats what it sould be called, "The Book"

I think they'll probably want the word Instructables in the title somewhere as well...

I was speaking to eric about UK publishing, though O' Reilly media do publish here it's not certain that it will be published throughout the UK, with some luck it will... it would be nice to see it in some hobby stores and things... It would be even more interesting to see it in both Waterstone's and B&Q;, but that may be pushing it...

Was more a joke... However for the right supplies B&Q; is a great resource...

heh. :D
I don't actually think I've seen any books in B&Q, if I have it was probably Garden Furniture or something. I think Focus are more likely to have books. =P

Aye, I was just using them as a well known example of a big box DIY store though, they do stock some books, you see them dotted about aisle ends etc.

I think the most likely shop to stock them would be Borders, since they are a US company (aren't they?).

Aye good chance there... I do sometimes get annoyed at little differences like this... Americans get a bit confused when we use our standard examples like B&Q; or tescoes... If walmart called itself asda there or walmart here that would be a start...

Hmm in that case maybe the ISO could come up with a set of places for all people...

They tried that with paper - the Americans still use foolscap, though.

And A sizes make so much more sense... That gets to me, I was doing a graphic design placement and it was a nuisance..

A4 or 8.5"x11"x0.001" when i buy the latter, i know EXACTLY what I'm getting (sorry, i had to)

Aye we were talking about the different size standards in america and europe

Yes, Borders was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

If they old people see it at the library, they'll pick it up, then they'll recommend it to their friends, then they'll all come to the website. And if people go to borders, and see a cute robot on an orange book, they'll pick it up, open it, and say, wow, let's give them some more pageviews. It'll promote the website!

Dude, this will make it into libraries where old people read things- inspiration! Besides, step by step instructions are easier to follow in a book. I'm all for it. I'll buy it and request my library do likewise - if they pick some good Instructables.

ok but why do you need to buture up qoutes into one word, used out of context, i might as well try my hand at it "I'm all for...old people...," man that was fun

I am actually nearly finished with something I think is a great little project, but it may be limited as the one componant in it, a Radio Shack digital recorder board is not really worth buying UNLESS one is planing on hacking it as I did, so it actually works :-)

I'm one of the MAKE editors who'll be working on this book (along with Brian Jepson). First off, the Insttructables that will be in the book as voted by users is only one component. The lion's share of the projects will be chosen by the staffs of Instructables and MAKE and we're making sure to include projects that aren't just the most popular ones. We're also going to be soliciting tips, stories, and other info from builders of the projects and adding these, so there will be content in the book that you can't get elsewhere. We'll also be doing things like creating a visual gallery of tool tips that combines a number of Instructables in a photo spread, so this reformatting of content should make it more accessible and useful to people. We're obviously confident there's a market for this title, both among existing Instructable users and the wider world of Makers, or we wouldn't be doing it.

Hi, Gareth, can I ask a few questions?

> What's the time-line on this project? Specifically, will I be able to put it on my Christmas list?

> Will you be getting it on shelves in the UK, or will I have to buy it online?

> Do you have a selling price in mind?

> Will contributors be credited under their usernames, real names or both?

> Can projects be considered for The Book if they are not currently of publishable quality (say, it's a great idea, but the photos are dodgy, or have notes edited into the image itself)? If photos need re-taking, would that be done by a staff photographer, or by the author?

> How many of my projects will you be including?

Re: Time-frame We're shooting for Maker Faire Austin (Oct 18 & 19, 2008) Re: UK and worldwide Good question. I'll find ouit. Re: Price Not exactly set, but this book will be similar in size and likely project number to The Best of MAKE collection and that is $34.99 @ 380 pages. Re: Credit line The authors can determine that for themselves (to list full name, user name, or both) Re: Project quality Actually many of the projects we're looking at have dodgy photos, as far as book production is concerned. We're hoping to get folks to send higher-res versions if they have them, or take new images if they can. Re: Number of projects The Best of MAKE is 380 pages and has 75 projects. The page count and project count are likely to be similar here, but we won't know for certain until we get deeper into the mix. If we end up with shorter projects, it'll be a higher count. And we'll also combine a number of Instructables, like tool tips and duct tape hacks, into photo gallery spreads, so that'll get a bunch of "projects" on a single page. Hope this helps answer your questions!

Brilliant, that's great news. That's a genuinely exciting project.