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the someone can print instructions of knex cyber ultra that robot? Answered

i have buy cyber knex on ebay but there no instructions. can someone print it and send it to me????



Best Answer 8 years ago

Go here and get the phone number and email address. Let them know that you instruction sheet is missing and they'll tell you where to download it or send you a new one.

You don't have to tell them you got if off of ebay.

i found it. but thanks for helping you get the best answer

it is a smattering an heap of rubble in my chamber. and he lay then under my cast

Are you telling me that you found it at the bottom of a pile of toys and dirty clothes in your bedroom and that by moving the pile around you found the lost document?

you have a cool gun on your photo :P

Me? If so, It's actually a grenade, that I have posted. Thanks!

......hm...........I don't see it but, Thankyou!


6 years ago

can anyone find a place where i can get the knex mech warrior fire fly instructions
please im so desperate!?!