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the evil of you tube Answered

gah look how much cpu and net traffic uploadig a vid on the tube makes! help



Umm, a windows user talking about evil....... Ummm, ok, whatever

thanks to microsoft we have cheap pcs to run linux on thanks to microsoft windows vista - in the above statement cheap means free (in the trash) and pcs mean pentium 4s microsoft is really not that evil. i'd flame more at apple and google and holywood

god please give me linux with whine the progam and a pespi max!

Theres a six year old beside me whos WHINEing....lol (yes I know the E shouldnt be there)

. <snicker>
. Have you tried OpenSolaris, yet? I d/l'd the LiveCD earlier today, but haven't gotten around to trying it out. Looks interesting.

not yet. Maybe i will download it tomorrow. Tell me how it is when you try

. I couldn't get it to run from the CD, but I did manage to get it running using VirtualBox. Nothing that really impressed me, but I didn't take the time to give it anything but a superficial look.

i like knoppix and now gonna use free dos linux :_) too!


10 years ago

mine is worse,runs over %50 all the time and MAN I USE MY WHOLE 1024M RAM

You have nothing to complain about... My computer is running ragged with only 512 ram... The processor runs at 2% of the maximum when I need it to do something, five minutes later the Hdds start clicking the fans spin up to full speed and it suddenly say 100% CPU usage and looks like it's about to crash, then I get a nice plateau for a few hours of intensive application then the same crashing towards hell again...

Dude its windows itself thats sucking up your cpu. And you got a fifty percent spike in your internet. Dude you tube is evil MICROSOFT IS !!!! LINUX 4 LIFE :)


lol here we say "i will come own u now" if one says "i will own u"


10 years ago

Uhm... so what exactly is the problem? I see a tiny spike in wireless usage, and as good as no effect on CPU or anything else. What were you trying to show here, because I sure don't see it...

Patrik stop it ok you spoil my stuff my next wack is a robot made out of cardboard and eletroincs!

to much fun in paint WINDOWS PAINT.... even IT FREEZES !!!