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the weekly challenge Answered

Maybe I am just being excessively dense, but is there a page to go to directly to view what the weekly challenge is?  The only ways I know to currently locate it are

1) if it is posted on the front page.
2) doing a search for the "weekly challenge" and sorting through the results to find the most current one.

If there isn't one already, would it be possible to get a dedicated page or tab for the weekly challenge?




6 years ago

They are listed  near the top of the front page or you can find them on Randofo's and Scoochmaroo's member pages (under Guides) though if you want to keep up with the challenges it would be easier to just follow them.

All four editors are running weekly challenges:


For the time being, the best way to find out about all the challenges is to follow us. You can also check the homepage. We are discussing internally creating a weekly challenge guide to help everyone find the challenges for that week. Stay tuned!

It would seem logical to put a box of "challenges" under the box of "contests" on the front page, and a tab for "challenges" next to the "contest" tab at the top of the page.