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the worlds first fishertecnik gun Answered

well i made a rubberband machine gun. it uses a new macanisem i thought op. the motor turns string. the string is connected on one of the berrals. to load it you pull the string over the berral and put a rubberband on top of it. when you pull the triger the string pulls the rubberband off the berral shooting it. i also put the gun on a universal joint so i can turn it. i just noticed in the picture the string is not connected to the berral. sorry.



10 years ago


This seems to be a more powerful construction toy than lego, meccano or k'nex ...

You can build robots and industrial models with it ...

I would have loved to get that when I was kid and teen (or even now).
Unfortunately, it was not (and is still not ?) available here ... =o(

Watch the video to get an idea of the power of Fischertechnik :