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there's this girl I like who doesn't like me because my friend gave her a love note by "me" what do I do? 6th grade Answered


The note is actually a good thing. Now you know for sure that she has no interest in you right now. And why should she? Are you even friends with this girl? Do you talk with her on a regular basis? If not then she has no interest in you cause she doesn't even know you and you don't know her. If you like someone then talk to them and get to know them. Don't try to turn it into anything more than friends. Leave dating for High School. At your age your just looking to have a girlfriend as a status symbol not to find a partner for life. Ultimately that's what it's all about. Become good friends, take the next step into dating, and then move up to marriage. But give the friendship thing a few years before moving into the next stage.

Talk to her.

No matter the outcome, it will be good practice for later relationships.

Throw yourself on her mercy and tell her the note wasn't from you.


3 years ago

Learn to drive and get a liscense and a car. That usually impresses everyone. And then you can actually drive somewhere for a date and not have to ask your mom to take you.

Grow up ;)
I don't know what kids think these days and how bored they are but I always thought "Instructables" is not about love advise for underaged teens.
Get your game console and play some games instead....
You are too young to worry about love life...